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Bespoke - The making of a Savile Row coat - Part 8


Not the best of evenings, apparently. I really had difficulties with concentrating on "Fixing the coat" - ie. cutting out all the tiny bits and pieces, like the lining, pocket jettings, flaps etc.

I only managed the lining (for the body, the sleeves have their own lining!), the jettings (for the pockets), the pocket flaps and the "inbreast" - the small pocket on the left chest part. Due to a lack of concentration, I had to re-cut the pocket flaps. Lost focus and started cutting too early.

Thank goodness, I am rather slim and not really tall - which gave me a bit of cloth to spare... (Yes, this whole thing is really planning on using 99,9% of the materials - hardly anything is being thrown away!)

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